Welcome to Dark Spark Press

Dedicated to fine literature and author development

Founded in 2003 as part of Diagonal Media Group, Dark Spark Press was established as a separate entity in 2014. Our gal is to find and nurture new talent and to publish new and exciting works of literature.

We usually publish stand-alone books, but also will work on serialized content, exceptional magazine articles, books of poetry and short story collections. While we do work with established authors, it's really our goal to bring new literary gems from undiscovered authors to the marketplace.

By working with the brightest and most promising authors, it's our hope that we can help grow that first spark of an idea into a well-received first novel. In fact, this fall we will roll out our first serialized historic action/adventure/romance series by a new author.

About Us

We are a group of independent editors, designers, publishers and content experts who work together to create and publish works of literature that are designed to be highly competitive in today's market. While we focus on novels and short fiction with a particular focus on historical fiction. We appreciate and work with all types of writers and formats, including

Here at Dark Spark Press we understand that quality book development and marketing is a goal for many authors. Our piece of that puzzle is the publishing, marketing and sales of highly memorable books, and our results are outstanding.

High-quality publishing is our only goal

We develop writing talent for the long term

Dark Spark Press prefers to work with well-connected agents who can bring talented writers into our realm. We seldom work directly with a new writer because we consider the agent review and author vetting process an important part of the publishing process. When we do select new writers, we make an offer on their new (and sometimes future) work and we create a product development timeline that includes editing, book cover design, publishing plans, and revenue sharing. Contract printing for authors is not part of our business model.

Quality books for the future, with a wealth of experience from the past

Our editors and the managers of our publishing workflow have been in this business for years. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, and we love to work with a highly select group of authors to bring their editorial vision to reality.

Our Services

We are an independent press that publishes novels, poetry and short stories. We will, on rare occasions, publish select non-fiction titles. We are not a vanity press or a contract publishing house. We develop traditional style publishing house business relationships with authors. Submissions are carefully evaluated and select authors are chosen for further development.

We're open to any style of writing but particularly keep an eye out for books that we find engaging, well written and intellectually stimulating. We prefer to work one-on-one with our authors to cultivate meaningful project development and editing relationships. We prefer to focus on six or fewer titles each year so that we can provide high quality book selection, editing, packaging and marketing. We also work with a respected group of reviewers, to whom we provide copies of our books in hope that they will find them worth evaluating.

Our titles mostly are carried by larger booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and independent book stores. We occasionally partner with larger trade publishers for distribution and promotion. If you would like to find out more about our services, or if you are a reviewer looking for copies of our newest novels please Contact Us.